Changes to Dental Reference Officer (DRO) appointing system

As a result of a new appointing system introduced by the Scottish Dental Reference Service to facilitate patient attendance at DRO clinics, changes have been made to the process for sending the D4 letter to practitioners when a patient is requested to attend for DRO examination. The D4 letter is now sent to the practitioner at the point that the patient confirms they will attend for examination and has made an appointment.

Patients sometimes arrange their appointments at short notice, meaning that the D4 form is received too late for the practitioner to be able to respond prior to the patient examination. 

On occasion, patients attend the clinic detailed in their appointment request letter without pre-arranging an appointment and in those cases the practitioner will receive the D4 form after the patient has been examined.

Practitioners may be assured that, in both the above cases, the DRO will hold the report to allow the practitioner the opportunity to respond to the D4 letter, and the information supplied will be taken into account in the report.

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