Clinical waste management update

National Services Scotland (NSS) continues to work closely with NHS Boards, contractors, Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and the Scottish Government to deliver robust contingency plans for the management of clinical waste. All NHS Boards continue to receive an appropriate level of waste management service.

Contingency plans were introduced last year when Healthcare Environmental Services was no longer able to provide waste collection services to NHS Boards across Scotland. The contingency plans are in place to ensure that there is no adverse impact on NHS Services and that public health is protected.

All contingency measures are in line with regulatory standards and SEPA continue to audit clinical waste management arrangements from NHS Boards. In light of recent media coverage we can confirm that NHS Boards continue to operate to agreed procedures and no needlestick injuries have been reported as a result of contingency measures.

To ensure NHS Scotland services to the public are maintained, NSS procured storage, collection and treatment services for clinical waste, and continues to provide guidance and best practice advice to Health Boards.

The contingency plans include the provision of waste management services to NHS Boards across Scotland until the new national healthcare waste management services commence later this year.

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