Dental practice action - required update for public certificates

There are some changes coming for public certificates (for patient search) for dental practices which need to be carried out by practices by 13 October 2020.

The renewal of the ePractitioner verification certificate, which is used to secure elements of the ePractitioner infrastructure, is due soon - specifically, 13 October 2020. After this date, if the new certificate has not been installed on local practice management systems practices will no longer be able to retrieve patient details in response to a patient details request.

Installation instructions can be found at

This is a straightforward task for each practice, which involves simply logging on to the PMS server with administration rights and clicking the link to run the update.

Rollout of this certificate will be tracked centrally and reported on regularly to ensure progress. As noted, this task is required to be undertaken at each practice ahead of the October deadline.

System suppliers may undertake this task on behalf of practices, or practices can run this update themselves. If you are with Dentally, Systems for Dentists or Wysdom, your supplier will arrange to update the certificate on your behalf - otherwise you should follow the installation instructions above. Please contact your system supplier for details if required.

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