Discover Digital: for your health and wellbeing

A new awareness week in Dundee (21 October) and Glasgow (22 – 26 October) will address these questions (and more!) to champion technology in health and wellbeing. ‘Discover Digital: for your health and wellbeing’ aims to shine a light on how the public can use their smart phones and computers to improve their lives.

Imagine if…

  • smart gadgets could help you live independently for longer?
  • we used games and virtual reality to inspire the next generation of doctors?
  • you could update your medical records with fitness data directly from your app?

Discover Digital will launch at the Dundee Science Festival. Along with various events and an exhibition at the Glasgow Science Centre, featuring digital training from the Google Digital Garage Bus, the week will bring together ground-breaking initiatives to start conversations about tech and our wellbeing. All events are free and open to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

So if you live in Scotland and would like to understand more about how technology can support your personal health and wellbeing, don’t miss this chance to take part in one of these captivating events and help shape the future of digital healthcare in Scotland.

Further Information

To find out more visit Free tickets are available at

‘Discover Digital: for your health and wellbeing’ has been developed by the Health and Social care Alliance Scotland in partnership with the Scottish Government, NHS 24, NHS National Services Scotland and BCS Health & Care Scotland, as well as further collaborators.

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