eDental transition update for all Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) practices – January 2018

We know that practices are at different stages of eDental transition with their chosen supplier – as well as issuing direct communications to each transitioning practice, we also have some general eDental transition updates covering:

  • transition update for Goodteith practices
  • transition update for Software of Excellence (SoE) practices
  • transition update for Systems for Dentists (SFD) practices

We’ve also created some eDental advice and tips for practices. Our eDental advice article covers top tips for a smooth transition to eDental as well as ways to improve your claim turnaround when submitting eDental claims.

These updates are part of our January 2018 monthly update on the project to modernise payment and prior approvals as part of the eDental programme.

If your supplier is not listed, they are not yet ready to roll out to their customers. This changes regularly, you can check our supplier page for the latest updates. 

Transition update for Carestream practices

Carestream are continuing with rollout and are taking the lead with their customers in terms of arranging transition dates, then notifying us. The guidance provided by Carestream advises of the steps to be followed before you can switch over to eDental and submit your first live claim.  Please call us once you have sent in your claim as we need to confirm successful submission before you submit any more claims.  There have been a few instances of practices submitting EDI claims after we had been asked to move the practice over to eDental, resulting in claim failures.  Please ensure you read the Carestream guidance carefully. 

Transition update for Goodteith practices

Goodteith are now in the process of rolling out to their practices and bringing them online to eDental.  Goodteith are following a similar approach to other PMS suppliers by advising us which practices will transition and when before moving them across.

Transition update for Software of Excellence (SoE) practices

Software of Excellence (SoE) have transitioned over the majority of their practices from EDI to eDental.  SoE have highlighted that there are a number of practices who haven’t yet done the upgrade or require hardware changes such as upgrading from Microsoft XP.  Availability of key staff within the practice to undertake the transition is also proving to be a concern when arranging dates. 

SoEL Health sites have been upgraded by SoE, and we are awaiting a live test claim submission from those outstanding.

Transition update for Systems for Dentists (SFD) practices

Systems for Dentists (SFD) has completed rollout. They are now bringing on new customers straight onto eDental.

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