eDental transition update for all Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) practices

We know that practices are at different stages of eDental transition with their chosen supplier – as well as issuing direct communications to each transitioning practice, we also have some general eDental transition updates covering:

  • top tips for a smooth transition – general tips, observations and rejections
  • transition update for Software of Excellence (SoE) practices
  • transition update for Systems for Dentists (SFD) practices

These updates are part of our November 2017 monthly update on the project to modernise payment and prior approvals as part of the eDental programme.

Tips for a smooth transition to eDental - general tips

To make the process of completing the web form as quick and easy as possible for your practice, please read the guidance for PMS, webform or the new error messages and ensure that:

  • you submit claims regularly on the lead up to your transition date
  • you keep up to date with your claim rejections.  Where practices have not been regularly handling their rejections, this has resulted in some additional effort for practices post implementation of eDental.  It is our understanding that each system supplier has a facility available advising practices of claim rejections
  • you check through your claims before you submit, to check there are no missed treatments or duplicates for an individual patient.  Once you receive a response stating successful submission of a claim, any missed treatment will need to be submitted on a DPD283 form
  • when clearing out your claims, don’t send claims older than three months from the completion date 
  • you only provide observations where necessary.  Details of when observations are required if included on guidance.  Your claims are at risk of delay for payment if you provide information that is not relevant 

Tips for a smooth transition to eDental – observations

The top three common unnecessary observations being received under eDental are:

  1. where 'patient failed to return (PFTR)' but the claim was already marked as 'PFTR'. Please also note that when a patient has failed to return and you need a fee to be awarded for treatment that isn’t included in the Statement of Dental Remuneration, select ‘Yes’ or tick the box for the ‘fee request’ question and describe in the ‘fee remarks’ section the treatment that you require a fee for. Please don’t select this in any other circumstances
  2. domiciliary visit information (no longer required under eDental)
  3. continuation cases where all parts have been carried out through eDental (there is a separate area in your PMS to record this information)

Tips for a smooth transition to eDental – rejections

Suppliers who are transitioning across have been provided with some analysis of their practices’ top rejections.  From our perspective, here is some initial feedback from practice enquiries and the analysis to be aware of:

Signing of GP17PR – name only needs to be completed when ‘Representative’ is selected

If a practice chooses ‘Representative’, you should enter the names, but if you choose ‘patient’, then the names should not be entered.

Final EDI submission not showing as successful submission prior to move to eDental

Please allow adequate time for this to appear in your PMS.  It can take several hours with EDI for a response to come through.  One advantage of moving to eDental is that you will receive an instant response in future. 

E000626 - All claims must be submitted within three months of the completion date of the claim

No claims will be accepted if out with this three month period. Please ensure you are up to date with claim submissions. 

E000702- Prescriptions

Item 36e can be claimed on its own or with items 35 and 45. If it is claimed with any other item, it will be rejected. 

E000637 - Radiographs available remarks

This only needs completed where radiographs are not available for a treatment that requires them, as specified in the Statement of Dental Remuneration (SDR).

Circumvention of SDR rules and regulations by separating out treatment onto additional claims will be picked up by our operational team when it reaches our payment system, Midas and will be rejected.

There are differences in rollout for each supplier and as such communications will be issued directly to each transitioning practice. 

Transition update for Software of Excellence (SoE) practices

Software of Excellence (SoE) have transitioned over 40% of their practices from EDI to eDental.  There have been some changes to the process initially put in place by SoE as part of rollout, to reduce reliance on practices carrying out technical tasks and to streamline the process. 

Attention: SoE practices still to transition to eDental

On Friday 20 October, we received notification from SoE to advise that they were suspending their rollout in the interim due to some issues which need to be rectified before re-commencing with rollout. 

A new software build was to be made available Monday 30 October, thereafter, SoE plan to undertake testing until 6 November, then roll-out is to re-commence at the earliest Tuesday 7 November.  Once rollout of eDental re commences, any practices to be transitioned to eDental will be on the latest build.  All customers on older versions of ‘EXACT’ that have caused some customers eDental issues will be upgraded prior to eDental transition.  We're in contact with SoE on a regular basis to understand which practices are ready to transition and when. 

Attention: all SoE practices who’ve already transitioned

Some issues have been raised by practices who have already transitioned:

  • CHI searches - having to select ‘None of the above’ in certain circumstances to allow a claim to transmit which was a temporary workaround SoE put in place 
  • E000673 - claims where patient is under 18 and they are carrying out only an exam and/or xray with no other treatment - then no treatment details are required as they are covered by capitation. The claim should be submitted with acceptance date only, in effect making it a registration-only claim. (No completion date, no treatment detailed and no fee claimed). If any other treatment is being carried out, the item codes should be added to the claim and submitted with a fee and a completion date 
  • Discretionary fees – practices unable to enter codes
  • Individual claims over £1000 – the SOE system will not allow these to be submitted, we have been asked to do a few advanced payments for these forms

SoE have advised us that all of the above issues have now been resolved and the appropriate fixes have been made available on the portal for practices to download.  SoE have advised us that they have communicated to those practices who were known to have those issues. 

If you continue to have issues relating to the above, please contact the SoE helpdesk by phoning 0845 345 5767 or emailing support@soeuk.com 

Transition update for  Systems for Dentists (SFD) practices

Systems for Dentists (SFD) has completed rollout. They have provided us with a response in terms of terms of their perceived customer feedback: “The main response supporting eDental has been speed and validity of claims, which goes a long way to make the dental team confident.  I know a lot of sites are now really excited about phase two for prior approvals.”

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