‘Fraud Squad NHS’ - BBC documentary raises awareness of NHS Fraud

NHS Scotland Counter Fraud Services (CFS) will feature in a five-part documentary series about NHS fraud commencing at 7pm tonight (Monday 1 July 2019).

The series highlights a selection of successful prosecutions of NHS fraud and showcases a variety of investigators and officials from NHS counter fraud organisations throughout the UK. The series demonstrates the ways in which law enforcement organisations work together to fight NHS fraud and includes a ‘call to action’ to report suspected NHS fraud.

Gordon Young, Head of NHS Scotland CFS said, “We are committed to working with all of Scotland’s health boards on initiatives to prevent, detect and investigate fraud, as outlined in Scottish Government’s ‘Strategy to Combat Financial Crime in Scotland’.

CFS takes an 'intelligence led' approach to tackling fraud.  This helps us understand the fraud risks faced by NHS Scotland, ensuring that we put the right resources in the right place at the right time to prevent and reduce further losses.

Any fraud committed against the NHS is totally unacceptable as it diverts funds from patient care and services.  We will continue to work with all NHS organisations to proactively seek out fraudsters in order to protect Scotland’s health service.”

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