Health Facilities Scotland supporting NHS Louisa Jordan

Health Facilities Scotland (HFS) Equipping Team continue to support the NHS Louisa Jordan to help health service recovery.

Some planned healthcare that was delayed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will now be carried out at the NHS Louisa Jordan to help NHS Scotland recover.

Built at the beginning of the outbreak at the Scottish Events Campus (SEC) in Glasgow, the hospital will initially receive some orthopaedic outpatient consultations from July.

If clinically successful, with positive patient experience, it could be used to provide a wide range of postponed non-COVID planned healthcare that has been delayed.

The hospital will also be used for staff training, teaching and examinations due to the clinical facilities and the space available to maintain physical distancing.

The NHS Louisa Jordan has not been required to treat COVID-19 patients because of efforts made to suppress the virus. If required, the hospital continues to remain ready to accept COVID-19 patients at a few days’ notice

The HFS Equipping Team continue to support the NHS Louisa Jordan by ensuring the hospital is equipped for the planned healthcare for non-COVID outpatients.

The hospital has stood equipped and ready to receive patients since 19 April and some additional items such as accessories for imaging equipment have been procured by the HFS Equipping Team to enable staff to carry out non-COVID healthcare.

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