Health Protection Scotland scoops Antibiotic Guardian awards win

Health Protection Scotland (HPS) has been awarded the infection prevention and control award at the recent UK Antibiotic Guardian awards.

HPS was recognised for its work in developing the National Infection Prevention and Control Manual (NIPCM) for NHS Scotland, which supports Scotland in standardising Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) precautions across care settings - aligning practice, monitoring, quality improvement and scrutiny.

The initiative has been endorsed by Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer and Chief Dental Officer and has now also been adopted by both NHS Wales and NHS England.

The awards celebrate the work of healthcare professionals across the UK and abroad in tackling antimicrobial resistance. They form part of the ongoing Antibiotic Guardian campaign which is led by Public Health England in collaboration with UK devolved administrations and professional bodies.

Dr Lisa Ritchie, Nurse Consultant Infection Control, Health Protection Scotland, welcomed the award, saying: "Health and social care providers have a key role in preventing and controlling infection. The NIPCM aims to support a common understanding of IPC requirements for staff, leading to improved understanding and consistency of application, as well as helping develop a workforce knowledgeable about and prepared to deal with current and emerging infection threats."

The Antibiotic Guardian campaign aims to increase commitment and raise awareness among the public and healthcare professionals about how we can slow the development of resistant bacteria and cut overuse and unnecessary use of antibiotics.

As part of the campaign, groups including students and educators, farmers, veterinary and medical, nursing and pharmacy communities and professional organisations can all sign up to become Antibiotic Guardians.

To find out more about the Antibiotic Guardian campaign: and via Twitter using #AntibioticGuardian

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