Major trauma in Scotland: pioneering clinical excellence

Working with the Scottish Government, NSS is helping to lead the coordination for the development of Scotland’s new trauma network - designed to deliver the highest quality of integrated, multi-speciality care for severely injured patients.  As part of this, four new Major Trauma Centres (MTCs) will be launching in the next few years, the first of which has opened in Aberdeen today.

Opening the first of four major trauma centres

Officially opening the Aberdeen facility, Health Secretary Jeane Freeman said:

“This marks an important day in changing trauma care in Scotland for the better.

 “The new centre will help our most severely injured patients and ensure patients have the best chance of a speedy recovery from their injuries.

 “On top of the £15.2 million we have invested to make the network a reality, there will be a gradual increase in funding over 5 years with an anticipated budget of £27 million by 2021/22.”


Scottish trauma network team members

Scottish Trauma Network team members


The Scottish Trauma Network was set up following a review of trauma care in Scotland, to improve and optimise the health and wellbeing of the seriously injured and to pioneer clinical excellence, health intelligence, innovation, education and research. The Scottish Trauma Network will involve the Scottish Ambulance Service and hospitals across Scotland, including the four major trauma centres with staff in each region supporting the implementation of the new trauma network across Scotland.

A positive impact on patients

Kate Burley, Associate Director of the Scottish Trauma Network, said:

"The opening of this major trauma centre in Aberdeen, the first of four major trauma centres for Scotland, is an exciting milestone and highlights the ongoing work of the Scottish Trauma Network.

“The network has been working in collaboration with NHS Boards and the Scottish Ambulance Service to enhance the services for patients with life changing or life threatening injuries. For example, the introduction of a Trauma Desk within the Ambulance Control Centre to support paramedics and ensure trauma patients get the optimal care. These new ways of working will help to ensure that no matter where anyone in Scotland experiences their trauma, they have the same excellent access to trauma care to support them and their families."

Once for Scotland

This new approach to trauma care will save more lives and improve patient outcomes throughout the trauma pathway – from prevention to rehabilitation. The new trauma centres will deliver the ‘Once for Scotland’ approach, ensuring that no matter where an individual has their trauma incident in Scotland, they will receive the same high level of integrated multi-specialised care

Partnership working

Partners also involved in the project included:

  • Scottish Government
  • Scottish Ambulance Service
  • All health boards in Scotland
  • Four regional trauma networks: North, East, West and South East.

What's next?

In addition to the £15.2million investment so far, there will be a gradual increase in funding over 5 years with an anticipated budget of £27m by 2021/22 which has been included in Scottish Government financial plans.

The second MTC in Dundee will open on 19 November 2018, followed by Edinburgh and Glasgow by 2020/21.

Download our major trauma in Scotland case study (PDF, 2.28MB)

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