New warehouse storing vital PPE and medical equipment

To further strengthen our response to the COVID- 19 pandemic, NSS National Procurement have turned a 120,000sq. ft. facility into a fully operational warehouse in just four weeks. The warehouse now stores critical medical equipment along with essential clinical supplies all vital in maintaining Scotland’s PPE supply and supporting national demand.

In under a month, the site has transformed with narrow aisle high bay racking installed, giving a capacity of 5,000 pallets. The NSS Warehouse Management System is being installed and is expected to go live within two weeks. This will provide complete system capability and will ensure stocks of PPE and medical equipment can be distributed quickly from the control tower team that has been located within the facility.

The project has been managed by NSS National Procurement’s Logistics Special Projects Lead, Carolyn Whitelaw. The facility has now received 6,000 pallets of PPE and medical equipment and created new dedicated fulfilment channels for medical equipment and associated ancillary products to all health boards across Scotland.

This is an incredible piece of work to support Scotland’s response to COVID-19 and will help ensure we can continue to provide sufficient PPE and Medical Equipment to health and social care when it's needed.

Warehouse pictured four weeks ago and today

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