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It was a pleasure to attend our annual NSS Excellence Awards last week.

2018 was a very special year for everyone associated with the NHS - celebrating the 70th anniversary. It was incredibly poignant to mark our achievements in the NHS’s 70th year while at the same time looking forward to the future. The NSS Excellence Awards is a real highlight of my calendar. It’s a brilliant afternoon of recognition and inspiration. It is also a terrific opportunity to highlight what is best about NSS and our people and also recognise that every single one of us has a vital role in supporting Scotland’s health.

Celebrating success

At a time when there are increasing demands on limited resources, it can often be hard to take a moment to see what we’ve achieved and celebrate success. We bring a unique national perspective to issues and a massive range of skills and expertise to help tackle some of these difficult problems.
I am regularly told by our stakeholders that people “don’t realise just how much NSS does” and I think that’s true. We have been very successful in 2018 and I know we will build on this in 2019 so we should share these success and achievements.

Empowering and encouraging everyone to look at new ways of doing things and feeling they are supported to make decisions is critical to our success and the Excellence Awards demonstrated many examples of this. I know from my work in the organisation that there are hundreds of examples on a day to-day basis of the work we do that supports NHSScotland. One way or another, we should all take the time to celebrate our own individual and team accomplishments whenever they happen and be prepared to share these to encourage and inspire others.


- Colin Sinclair, Chief Executive

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