NSD Highlight report 2018/19

Throughout 2018/19, National Services Division has increased the national provision of highly specialist care for patients living with rare conditions or complex needs, regardless of where they live in Scotland.

Launching our NSD Highlight Report 2018/19, we hope demonstrates our commitment to understanding and anticipating needs and embracing innovation and change; providing sustainable and high quality health and care services now, and through years to come.

From pre-hospital right through to rehabilitation, NSD has led on the development and delivery of innovative solutions and cutting-edge care for people who, either as a result of trauma or a chronic condition, need specialist support. In 2018, successes included the launch of two new major trauma centres and significant investment in mental health support for new mothers, thanks to the multi-disciplinary approach of our networks.

Collaborative working is key to delivering the vision set out in Realistic Medicine, with the national commissioning of four new specialist services and several new national networks a testament to that commitment.  The establishment of a new National Planning Team within NSD demonstrates the further commitment to a once for Scotland approach to delivering health care. 

We are also proud to have enabled the first NHSScotland patients to be referred to the new Proton Beam facility at the Christie Hospital in Manchester, where formerly they would be referred to centres in America and Germany.

Fiona Murphy, Director of NSD said: “It has been an incredibly busy year for NSD, and I hope our report pays tribute to the dedication and commitment of everyone who, through collaboration, have driven a number of key achievements for the benefit of the people of Scotland. Listening to people who have lived the experience, whether as a patient, clinician or a carer is at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that the right services are there for the right people, at the right time.”

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