Prescription for change

A new digital prescription tracker is now available for GPs and pharmacies in Scotland. It brings the benefits of automation and self-service to community practitioners – saving them valuable time.

GPs, pharmacists and their teams can check the status of a prescription online at any time. This allows them to check whether it’s been dispensed or collected, for example. Development of the tracker has been possible thanks to a collaboration between NSS teams including Practitioner and Counter Fraud Services, and service provider Atos.

The tracker’s been a big hit with our customers since its launch in October 2018. Georgina Anderson, ePharmacy Customer Service Manager at NSS, explained: “Previously, practitioners would have had to phone the ePharmacy helpdesk to check the status of a prescription. Now, they can do this online and at a time that suits them – which might be outwith working hours. As well as being much more convenient, the new system reduces both clinical risk and the potential for fraudulent claims.

“The significant reduction in the number of calls to the ePharmacy helpdesk has also freed up the team to focus on handling complex enquiries about other subjects.” Practitioners have welcomed the tool, with feedback from GPs in NHS Tayside and Lothian indicating that they’re seeing the benefits for patients, GP staff and pharmacists.

Georgina added: “We’re delighted that the tracker is making a positive difference for practitioners and patients. Since its launch, phone calls to the ePharmacy helpdesk have reduced by a third per week. We’ve also seen the monthly number of prescriptions checked via the tracker increase from 101 in October 2018, to over 20,000 in March 2019.”

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