Raising awareness of cervical cancer screening

Our National Specialist and Screening Services team has played a vital role in supporting the 2017 Cervical Screening Campaign. The high-profile campaign is encouraging women to attend when invited and raises awareness of the benefit of cervical screening.

Throughout October we promoted the importance of screening through our social media as part of a Scotland-wide media campaign. You can also take a look at a short film on YouTube which was designed to challenge the reasons women may choose to not attend screening - specifically targeting those within the 25-35 year old age group.

There are approximately 180,000 women across the country in the target group of 25-35 year olds. A five minute smear test helps to save around 5,000 lives every year in the UK – highlighting the importance of the campaign.

Our National Specialist and Screening Services team plays a critical role in providing high quality, effective, specialist health and screening services to meet the needs of the people of Scotland. The directorate commissions and co-ordinates important elements of the national screening programmes which are designed to detect the early signs of disease, aiding further diagnostic testing, referral and treatment.

National commissioning is reserved for those very specialist services where local or regional commissioning is not appropriate. Cervical screening falls into this category and our dedicated team is committed to supporting the campaign and encouraging women to attend.

More information on the 2017 Cervical Cancer Campaign is available on the www.getcheckedearly.org/cervical-cancer website.


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