Update on eDental payment and prior approval modernisation project - August 2019

Our monthly update on the project to modernise payment and prior approvals as part of the eDental programme, covering:

• eDental payment update – August 2019
• ePrior Approval – Mandated from 1 October 2018
• eOrthodontic payment and approval – Mandated from 1 January 2020


eDental payment update – August 2019

Please refer to the July 2019 update for the latest position on our website. 


ePrior Approval – mandated from 1 October 2018

As noted previously, the majority of Patient Management System (PMS) suppliers are now running electronic prior approvals.  Dentally, Software of Excellence (SOE EXACT), Systems for Dentists (SFD) and WYSdom practices all have the ability to submit prior approval claims electronically.  Dentists using other PMS suppliers not listed, have access to the web form if access was requested. 

Carestream Dental R4+ has commenced their beta pilot testing for ePrior Approval with a number of practices. Carestream will rollout to their practices upon completion of the beta phase.

Please see the PMS supplier page for up to date information on each supplier’s position. Our prior approval guidance remains available, in addition to online videos and frequently asked questions for everything else.  If you are receiving error messages you do not understand, please review the guidance on the web site in the first instance. If there are areas you feel would benefit from further guidance or require changes/further clarification, contact our Customer Services team via email at nss.psddental@nhs.net.

Important note about latest software versions:

If your PMS advises you of the availability of a new software release and/or version, you may wish to implement releases relatively quickly, as these are likely to include improvements, fixes and other changes that will improve the user experience for you.  Please follow your PMS supplier’s instructions accordingly.  


eOrthodontic payment and approval – mandated from 1 January 2020

From 1 January 2020, all orthodontic prior approval requests and payments must be submitted electronically from your practice management system (PMS).  Paper submissions received beyond this date will not be accepted and will be returned.  Please note that there is no web form solution available for Orthodontics, therefore if you undertake orthodontic work, you must ensure you have a PMS which has been accredited for electronic orthodontic payment and approvals in order to be able to submit from 1 January 2020.

To check the current and up to date position of each PMS supplier, please check our eOrthodontic PMS supplier page.

PMS Supplier testing will be undertaken in two parts. Part one is fit for purpose (Ffp) testing, which tests the technical connections and communication channels between the PMS and ourselves. The second part of supplier testing is accreditation and this takes place following a successful Ffp. Accreditation is a verification process that allows us to test a set of valid business scenarios, which the PMS supplier must create as a dentist would, thus ensuring a level of satisfaction that their software will perform as expected.  We generally allow around a month for Ffp and a further month for Accreditation, and ask that PMS suppliers take this into account when they plan their timescales.

Another Orthodontic specialist event was held on the 8 August at the Scottish Health Service Centre. The event was lively and engaging and provided an opportunity to meet with a collective group of orthodontic specialist practices before 1 January 2020, to convey key messages and update them on the project.


Capturing electronic signatures

A new GP17-O PR form has been developed to support the capturing of patient signatures.  Arrangements are being made to print the new forms and have them available for anyone undertaking Orthodontic treatment. An electronic signature specification has been created to coincide with a new GP17-O PR form. This specification has now been made available to PMS suppliers, allowing them the opportunity to develop the changes required to capture patient signatures electronically using a digital signature pad or tablet. Electronic signatures are optional for PMS suppliers who wish to offer that service to their customers.

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