Update on eDental payment and prior approval modernisation project – March 2018

Our monthly update on the project to modernise payment and prior approvals as part of the eDental programme, covering:

ePrior Approval

The live early adopter pilot phase is continuing with web form users and we have received 27 prior approval requests so far. We have approved 16 of these requests, with the others at varying stages of the process.

One PMS supplier has passed the fit for purpose testing process and is moving on to the accreditation phase. Each supplier must undertake fit for purpose testing and e-prior approval accreditation testing before they can roll the changes out to their customers.

Visit our PMS supplier pages for details of PMS supplier progress on ePrior Approval

All prior approval requests must be submitted electronically from 1 October 2018 and paper requests will no longer be accepted beyond that date. If your PMS supplier is not ready in time for 1 October 2018, you will need a web form account in order to submit Prior Approval requests. You will need to allow for a lead time of around 2 weeks to complete the required paperwork and turnaround your user account.

eOrtho payment and approval

We are continuing our development for Orthodontic payment and prior approval and will be ready to begin supplier testing in September 2018. One of the orthodontic specialist PMS suppliers and one general PMS supplier have committed to developing eOrtho payment and approval. To understand the latest position, check our PMS supplier pages.

An Orthodontic specialist day has been planned for Monday 16 April 2018, to be held at our offices in Gyle Square, Edinburgh. If you wish to attend, please email Paul Cushley, paulcushley@nhs.net

You are reminded that paper submissions for Orthodontic Prior Approval requests and payments will no longer be accepted after 1 January 2019.

eDental web form rollout

39 of the planned 42 practices anticipated to use the web form have now moved across. Some practices who previously submitted paper, and were due to move across to a PMS supplier, are not in a position to do so. As an interim solution, 2 of these practices have been set up on the web form.

Practice management system (PMS) supplier update

We have previously extended the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) service on two occasions. This cannot be extended again and the EDI service will cease on 31 March 2018. Around 10% of dental practices currently submitting via EDI have still to transition to eDental.

Suppliers have been asked to move their customers across to eDental well in advance of the final deadline. If you have not yet transitioned to eDental, you may wish to contact your supplier to find out when they plan to transition your practice. If you have not transitioned by 31 March 2018, you will not be able to submit claims after this date.

If you require to update hardware, please ensure this is done promptly, so as not to delay your transition.

eDental transition update for all Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) practices

All PMS suppliers are now accredited for eDental payments. Carestream (R4+), Dentally, Goodteith, Software of Excellence (Exact and SOEL Health) and WYSdom are in the process of transition. Systems for Dentists is complete and Computer Surgery is yet to begin roll-out.

With practices at different stages of transition with their chosen supplier, we want to ensure that practices have the information they need to manage their transition effectively. As well as communicating directly with each transitioning practice, we also have some general eDental transition updates that practices may find useful.

Read our latest eDental transition update article for more information

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