Update on eDental payment and prior approval modernisation project - May 2019

Our monthly update on the project to modernise payment and prior approvals as part of the eDental programme, covering:

  • eDental payment update – May 2019
  • ePrior Approval – Mandated from 1 October 2018
  • ePrior Approval supplier progress
  • eOrthodontic payment and approval – Mandated from 1 January 2020

eDental payment update – May 2019

We are noticing a number of the calls we receive can be answered by practices reviewing the guidance available on our web site. 

This information is available 24/7 and contains information on rejection messages, through to what you need to do to submit certain scenarios. 

Check out our eDental guidance online now.

ePrior Approval – Mandated from 1 October 2018

All re-approvals now require to be submitted electronically. A re-approval is where there is any change in treatment.  If the case was previously approved on paper, please provide all relevant supporting information. When you receive a request for information, please include a scanned copy of the previously approved GP17-1 (both sides), in addition to any other relevant information.

Any prior approval request with an acceptance date prior to 1 October 2018 already started on paper and as yet unapproved, may continue to be submitted on paper until 30 September 2019.

If you receive the error ‘Electronic attachments could not be appended’, you have not ticked the box to indicate that you have uploaded digital attachments before you re-submitted the request. 

In order to submit your request, you will need to upload one further image (this can be one you have already uploaded) and make sure you have indicated that attachments have been uploaded by ticking the relevant box, before attempting to re-submit.

Web form users

Please be aware, there are some issues being experienced where occasionally we have approved a case and returned it to you, but the web form is not displaying the updated status. 

Our supplier is working on a resolution for a fix, but in the meantime can resolve individual instances when they are logged and confirmed with the Customer Services team.

Our prior approval guidance remains available, in addition to online videos and frequently asked questions for everything else.  If you are receiving error messages you do not understand, please review the guidance on the web site in the first instance.  

If there are areas you feel would benefit from further guidance, contact our Customer Services team via email at nss.psddental@nhs.net.  

ePrior Approval Supplier progress

Carestream R4+ passed fit for purpose testing for ePrior Approval on 10 May 2019 and will be starting accreditation soon.  Carestream are aiming for live rollout to their practices in early July 2019.

Dentally, Software of Excellence (SOE EXACT), Systems for Dentists (SFD) and WYSdom practices all have the ability to submit prior approval claims electronically.  Dentists using other PMS suppliers not listed, have access to the web form if this was something they requested.  

Please see the PMS supplier page for up-to-date information on each supplier’s position.

eOrthodontic payment and approval – Mandated from 1 January 2020

From 1 January 2020, all new orthodontic prior approval requests and payments must be submitted electronically from your practice management system (PMS).  Paper submissions received beyond this date will not be accepted and will be returned.

PMS Supplier

Current position


Committed and currently in development.  Several pre fit for purpose (Ffp) testing show and tell sessions have been carried out to date. 
We are awaiting confirmation of timescales for formal fit for purpose testing from Assisortho.


Committed and confirmed changes will be delivered in accordance with 1 January 2020 date. 
Fit for purpose testing anticipated to be in early October 2019.

Computer Surgery

No confirmation received.


Committed to making changes, dates confirmed. 
Fit for purpose anticipated at the end of September 2019.


Verbally committed in time with legislative date, but no confirmation of dates received.  Advised an update will be made available to practices by June 2019.

Software of Excellence (SoE) –Exact

Committed and currently in development. 
Fit for purpose anticipated in June 2019.

Systems for Dentists (SFD)

Passed Ffp and Accreditation.
Beta phase to begin early June 2019.


Committed to making changes, dates confirmed. 
Fit for purpose anticipated at the end of October 2019.


Our eOrthodontic PMS supplier page will always reflect the up-to-date position of each PMS supplier.

PMS Supplier testing will be undertaken in two parts.  Part one is fit for purpose (Ffp) testing, which tests the technical connections and communication channels between the PMS and ourselves. 

The second part of supplier testing is accreditation and this takes place following a successful Ffp.  Accreditation is a verification process that allows us to test a set of valid business scenarios, which the PMS supplier must create as a dentist would, thus ensuring a level of satisfaction that their software will perform as expected. 

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