Using data to alleviate GP pressures

Our Local Intelligence Support Team (LIST) has worked with GP practices in Inverclyde to analyse the effectiveness of having additional healthcare professionals working in primary care.

The team carried out a multidisciplinary approach to introduce new staff members and professional groups into primary care to support the work of practices.

High quality, timely data had to be gathered to establish the effectiveness of the work of advance nurse practitioners (ANPs) in GP practices. The question was whether ANPs could take on a proportion of work from GPs while maintaining safe and effective patient care.

An advance nurse practitioner with a patient

What the data told us

Five practices in Inverclyde were approached to be part of an initial study. They were asked to provide data about the activities of new staff members and an associated proportion of time. We then analysed the data and fed back to the practices.

During the course of the study, the use of ANPs as an alternative to GPs has saved 372 hours worth of time.

This has allowed GPs to spend more time in their practice and has been invaluable in helping to alleviate pressure.

What's next?

Similar programmes are now proposed for all GP clusters across Inverclyde due to the programme’s success.

Download our ‘Using data to alleviate GP pressures’ case study (PDF, 1.6MB)

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