We Are Stamping Out Fraud

Would you be able to spot fraud, and know what to do if you did? Would you report someone who has committed a financial crime, and would you know who to report it to?

These were the questions posed by NHS Scotland Counter Fraud Services (CFS) to staff by a Fraud Awareness Roadshow throughout this month.

It is a little known fact that Practitioner and Counter Fraud Services (P&CFS SBU), visit various NSS sites across Scotland to gauge how well fraud was recognised and to increase the understanding of how to engage with the team.

Leaflets and articles that had featured in the press were displayed highlighting cases involving fraud, embezzlement and theft to help staff understand, spot and report financial crimes.

A former NHS Tayside employee is shortly to be the subject of a documentary, which will be aired on Channel 5 in April. Fiona Gilhan worked at the Scottish Bowel Screening Centre in Dundee.  This case was particularly shocking to us, as it was a strike to the heart of our relationship with trust between our employees and aims as an NHS body in patient care.

Fraud is costing the NHS tens of millions of pounds every year. This could mean people not getting the NHS treatment they deserve. That is why it is so important that together, we stamp out fraud.

Visit the CFS website to learn more or visit the NSS homepage, www.nhsnss.org, for more information about the work we do connecting health.

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