Wuhan novel coronavirus and avian flu: advice for travellers

Health Protection Scotland (HPS) is aware of a reported outbreak of a novel coronavirus in China’s Wuhan City and is monitoring the situation with Public Health England (PHE) and international partners, including the World Health Organization.

The risk to the UK population is very low and the risk to travellers to Wuhan is low, but, ahead of Chinese New Year this month, travellers are advised to take simple precautions such as practicing good hand, respiratory and personal hygiene, and minimise contact with birds and animals in markets in Wuhan as a further precaution.

If travellers returning from Wuhan become unwell within 14 days of their return, they should call their GP or NHS 111 and report their recent travel.

Further information can be found at PHE website.

Travel advice can be found at Fitfortravel and TRAVAX websites.

Please note from 1 April 2020, Public Health and Intelligence (PHI) and Health Protection Scotland (HPS) form part of the new Public Health Scotland (PHS).

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