CMS Assessments & Registrations

Published 2 May 2017 | Reference: FOI-2017-000099 | Charge: No Charge


For September 2016 to December 2016:

  • Number of PCR completed CMS assessments and CMS registrations
  • MAS capitation payment
  • Number of registered EMAS patients
  • CMS capitation payment
  • Number of registered CMS payments
  • Total number of GP34 forms
  • Total number GP34 items
  • Number of instalments
  • Number of supervisions
  • Smoking cessation payments
  • Final payments


Please see the attached documents detailing the information requested.

The number of registered CMS payments was not held.

The September 2016 to November 2016 data for total number of GP34 items and forms, unadjusted MAS capitation payments and final payments you requested are available at: .


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