NHS Dental Practices & Income

Published 18 October 2017 | Reference: FOI-2017-000229 | Charge: No charge


Please provide a list of all NHS Dental Practices in Scotland along with their:

(i) gross NHS income from March 2016 to February 2017

(ii) latest NHS patient registration figures

(iii) Latest figures of the number of dentists with a list number within each individual practice, and

(iv) Sums paid to each individual NHS dental practices for the last financial year in respect of payments for the reimbursement of practice rental costs and reimbursement of non domestic rates.


Please see the attached documentation detailing the information requested. Please note, when you click on 'view document' to open and read the documentation, it will open a dialogue box which asks you if you want to cancel opening the document - please click 'no' to continue.

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