Staff to blood donor ratio

Published 16 January 2017 | Reference: 2017-000005 | Charge: No Charge


What your staff to blood donor ration is at your donation sessions.


The Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) has developed a comprehensive staffing model that incorporates a number of variables that affect workload and skill mix at collection sessions.  This is used as a workload and workforce management tool that is designed to ensure that staffing is appropriate for each situation.  This considers

  • Deferral Rates
  • Collection associate loss rates
  • % New or Returning Donors
  • % Travel related risk
  • % Adverse events
  • Session type 
  • Venue Layout

At the bedsides our current ratio of staff to Donors is 1 Donor Carer to 2 Donors with beds laid out in pods of 4.  Some staff currently undertake venepunture but largely the venepuncturist is an additional resource.

Our over all productivity ratio is expressed as Usable Donations per staff hours open, which currently averages at 1.08 Usable Donations per staff hour open.