Our strategy

The NSS Strategy 2019-2024 will support our vision to be integral to a world-leading health and care service.

NHS National Services Scotland (NSS) provides national infrastructure services and solutions which are integral to the delivery of health and care services in Scotland – locally, regionally and nationally.

Our vision

“We want the people of Scotland to have the best possible health and care service in the world. We know we can play an important role in making this a reality for them.”

In order to successfully deliver this vision, we have reviewed and updated our strategy.

The NSS Strategy 2019-2024 is available to download or view online.

Over the next five years we will support the change that is needed across health and care, while also reforming our services so they remain integral to the ongoing success of NHSScotland and the wider health and care landscape.

Our priorities

Our stakeholders have told us where they need us to prioritise our efforts for the next five years:

  • Enabling health and care transformation with new services
  • Underpinning NHSScotland with excellent services
  • Assisting other organisations involved in health and care

By connecting with partners and stakeholders in other public bodies, we can use our national position to ensure our services, solutions and programmes of work are aligned to, coordinated with, and enable regional and local activities. This will help ensure we are supporting transformation throughout the health and care system.

The key to delivering this strategy is to have a workforce that is highly skilled and staff who feel valued and are treated with dignity and respect. We want to ensure that NSS remains a great place to work and is an organisation where diversity and differences are celebrated and values based leadership is the norm.