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NSS Digital and Security (DaS) is the new name for the NSS Information Technology SBU.

Operating as a centre of excellence for digital, security, data and technology in Scotland, DaS aims to work collaboratively with our public sector partners to identify and deliver trusted and secure digital solutions to help us all achieve the ambitions for health and social care in Scotland.

We can help you harness the transformative power of technology - making public services simpler, better and more efficient for the people who need them.

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Efficient solutions

Whatever your needs, we’ll develop a solution that enables you to achieve your priorities, boost your performance and realise your vision.

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Experience, expertise and knowledge

We have a proven track record of delivering secure, innovative digital and security solutions - solutions that help you plan for the future while making a real difference right here, right now, for the people of Scotland.

We have unrivalled knowledge of Scotland's health sector and a strong track record of delivering national IT solutions for NHSScotland, managing some of the biggest public sector IT contracts in Scotland.

Our customers include NHSScotland, local authorities, the Scottish Government and the third sector.


We deliver maximum value through cost-effective solutions which stand the test of time.

Trusted insight

As a trusted public sector organisation, we understand the challenges you face. We speak in your language, listen to different perspectives, and work with you to deliver insightful, cost effective solutions that help you solve complex problems.


We take a people first approach. We’ll partner with you to solve the complex challenges you face – no matter how big or small - enabling you to achieve your priorities and objectives.

Our people

We’re a people focused business, working at the heart of the public sector to deliver solutions that improve health and social care across Scotland.

With over 300 dedicated digital and security professionals based in locations in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen, we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to deliver digital and security solutions that work for our customers.

And as a trusted public sector organisation, we have a unique understanding of the challenges our customers face – so whatever the task, you can rely on us to work collaboratively with you to find the right solution for your patients and service users.

Our work

Recent projects we have worked on, include:

Business efficiency property moves

We helped co-ordinate the relocation of the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) to the Jack Copland Centre, a new national centre based in Edinburgh, helping modernise manufacturing processes.

SNBTS previously operated from 10 sites across Scotland, with approximately 405 staff and posts from Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow moving to the new centre.

Similarly our Practitioner Services colleagues in Aberdeen moved from Bridgeview to new premises at Marischal Square, as part of a significant cost saving initiative at the end of the building lease agreement.

We took the opportunity to review and update the configuration of several areas of IT infrastructure during the migration, including the introduction of a brand new telephone service using SIP trunks as opposed to the standard ISDN setup.

Working collaboratively, our staff successfully migrated files and other services to virtual server environments making several old physical servers obsolete. This contributed to one of the project objectives, by reducing the carbon footprint.

Clinical dashboard (Tableau) as a service

NHS Orkney needed to develop a clinical dashboard to provide key decision makers with information to manage performance and enhance services. The previous system which was based on a series of 29 Excel spreadsheets was unstable and difficult to maintain.

Tableau had been identified as a potential solution due to its ease of use, its browser-based accessibility and appealing and interactive interface.

Our Business Intelligence (BI) team worked with NHS Orkney so that they could use the NSS Tableau platform rather than implement their own - therefore reducing concerns about purchasing and supporting their own environments.

They now have a secure area on our pre-production and production environments, and rely on the BI team to take care of performance, capacity planning, security and availability while they concentrate on developing content for end users.

The BI team developed the initial dashboard and are now supporting the NHS Orkney team to further develop the system.

An outdated, static system was replaced with a robust, modern and scalable visual analytics platform which can be accessed via web browser from multiple devices.

NHS Orkney now has the platform they required, without the expense and effort of buying and maintaining it, and have access to support from our BI team whenever needed. And, end users can access local and centrally developed content through one web-based portal.

Diabetic retinopathy screening system implementation

Diabetic retinopathy is a condition that can lead to sight loss in diabetic patients if left untreated.

Vector, a new, modern and flexible IT screening system for diabetic retinopathy, was successfully procured and implemented through close collaboration across National Services Scotland’s strategic business units.

The new system replaced a previous platform and added extra functionality to the screening service.

The system was initially procured as a like-for-like replacement, however the interoperability of the technology allowed our team to develop extra functionality to extend the system’s capability.

Vector does the screening and grading of images, as well as admin tasks such as issuing patient letters etc. It works in conjunction with another system called SCI Diabetes.

The system was delivered on time and within budget, and has been in use across the country since March 2017, saving millions of pounds for NHSScotland.

The system makes sure patients receive regular screening and are referred for further examination or treatment if required.

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