Corporate responsibility and sustainability

We’re committed to working in a sustainable way and to being a good corporate citizen.

Corporate responsibility

NSS will:

  • look at the impact of our decisions on our customers, colleagues and communities
  • ensure we manage resources so they’ve a positive impact on society and minimise impact on the environment
  • act to meet or exceed our legal and regulatory requirements
  • conduct ourselves ethically in line with our values and
  • be open and transparent to meet our commitment to Corporate responsibility and report progress.


NSS will support the targets in the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 which aim to reduce energy-based carbon emissions and energy consumption to contribute to the emissions reduction targets for greenhouse gas.  

NSS will commit to:

  • use energy and water efficiently and promote and implement improvements designed to make best use of supplies and minimise our use of natural resources, especially if these are non renewable
  • design, promote and implement sustainable travel plans to reduce energy use and emissions and encourage our workforce to make sustainable travel choices
  • minimise waste by encouraging waste reduction, reuse of materials and recycling
  • put sustainability, life cycle costing and a healthy working environment at every stage of NSS land and  property management
  • assess the environmental impact of any new processes, products or services before they are implemented
  • embed sustainable procurement so that we work with suppliers and meet our need for goods and services in a way that minimises the impact on the environment.