Privacy Advisory Committee

The functions of the NSS Privacy Advisory committee have been taken over by the Public Benefit and Privacy Panel for Health and Social Care.

The Privacy Advisory Committee

PAC no longer receives applications.

The Privacy Advisory Committee (PAC) was set up in 1990. The purpose of the committee was to provide independent advice to NSS and The Registrar General on the protection of privacy of patient information. This was to help ensure health data was used properly.

On 1 May 2015 a single application and scrutiny process for uses of health data was set up across Scotland by the newly formed Public Benefit and Privacy Panel for Health and Social Care.

Visit the Public Benefit and Privacy Panel website to apply (external link)

More about PAC

We want to ensure that the health data we hold on Scotland's people for statistical, planning, public health and other important purposes is used and released appropriately, and for the benefit of Scotland's health and healthcare services.

To help us, we asked the advice of our Privacy Advisory Committee. PAC advised us on the correct balance between protecting personal data and making data available for research, audit and other important uses, and helped us to ensure that any information releases are carefully controlled.

Meetings and decisions

The committee previously met twice a year to review applications and discuss major issues of concern.

To review previous meeting minutes or processed applications, email the strategy and governance team ( 

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