Cytotoxic T-Cell Therapy resources for clinicians

Downloadable resources for streamlined patient care.

There are a variety of downloadable resources for clinicians working in the transfusion of blood, tissues and cells. All of these manuals can be found below. 

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For patient/lymphoma information - request and review form.

Download the initial patient request form (PDF 166KB)


For access to the cytotoxic T lymphocytes compatability testing request form.

Download the initial patient blood sample request form (PDF 109KB)


For access to the cytotoxic T lymphocytes treatment protocols.

Download the CTL treatment protocol (PDF 338KB)


Essential information on product, consent and paperwork.

Download the anti-EBV product information form (PDF 140KB)


For access to the Anti-EBV cytotoxic T lymphocytes product request form.

Download the anti-EBV product request form (PDF 134 KB)


Patient information and and consent on Cytotoxic T-cell Therapy.

Download the patient information and consent form (PDF 166KB)

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