Blood donation

Our Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) team has adapted quickly to ensure that blood, tissues and cells are available when patients need them, across Scotland.

Our SNBTS team works hard to make sure there’s enough of the right blood group, at the right location, at the right time to meet patient demand. Blood donation is an essential health service and complies with the Scottish Government’s essential travel guidelines.

The need for blood products from Scotland’s hospitals during COVID-19 constantly changes, so our SNBTS team must carefully balance the supply and demand of products.

Adapting the way we run our blood donation sessions to maintain safety has been vital. At all donor sessions, SNBTS staff wear the appropriate personal protection equipment and follow physical distancing guidance.

We’ve provided clear COVID-19 guidance and top tips to ensure blood donation stays safe for both staff and donors. We also launched a new appointment-only booking system for blood donation in April, along with a triage system at every donor session.

We’ve also had to adjust how we recruit new blood donors. Our successful school talks programme was a chance to tell pupils how important blood donation is, but with schools ending their summer term early, the team missed out on chance to speak to many of these pupils. However, they’ve been able to move school talks online and have also used the same format to run online sessions for workplaces.

Read more about blood donation on the Scotblood website.

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