Supply and distribution

Our National Procurement team has significantly grown its national distribution network during Scotland’s COVID-19 response – enabling us to rapidly extend PPE distribution to Scotland’s health and social care sector.

Outside of our COVID-19 response, our National Procurement (NP) team already distributes a wide range of healthcare supplies direct to support Scotland’s health boards.

However, during a time of unprecedented global demand, our NP team responded quickly to the immediate needs of the wider health and social care sector in Scotland.

We’ve worked in partnership with the Scottish Government, local authorities and social care right across Scotland to ensure health and social care providers have the equipment and supplies they need. This includes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as well as other critical ICU and clinical care items.

Our extended sourcing and supply efforts have included:

  • support for primary care – we’re delivering PPE to primary care practitioners including GPs and community pharmacists, as well as supplies for the safe restarting of health services like dentistry and optometry
  • supplying acute hospitals – we’re delivering increased supplies directly to hospitals
  • an online PPE portal – our digital and procurement colleagues launched an online portal to help health boards order PPE and access real-time delivery data
  • support for social care – we’ve collaborated to establish a direct delivery network of 48 social care hubs throughout Scotland, to deliver PPE to the social care sector
  • supporting the Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) – we delivered an emergency PPE stockpile to pre-agreed SAS hubs for distribution

As of mid-August 2020, we’ve delivered over 400million items of PPE to health and social care throughout Scotland.

Since March, our warehouse and distribution network has expanded far beyond our National Distribution Centre to meet Scotland’s needs. We’ve added a 120,000 sq ft storage warehouse and we now have over 375,000 sq ft of storage space (the equivalent of six football pitches) across five locations. This expanded network is helping to ensure that the right quantities of stock, including PPE, can be supplied to the right place at the right time.

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