DenPro is NHSScotland's collaborative purchasing scheme designed for high street dentists. The aim is to help practices cut costs by gathering together into a buying group to negotiate best prices on consumables and sundries.

Eligibility criteria

DenPro open to:

  • NHS Dental and Orthodontic Practices included in a NHS Board list, where the practice income derived from the NHS is above 80% of the practices annual gross income. (As per the practice's GP234).

  • Those practices participating currently in a NHS Education for Scotland (NES) as a Vocational Training (VT) practice.

  • All new, returning and continuing VT practices will all be offered membership to the scheme.

  • Practices gaining DenPro membership eligibility through VT (and not 80% NHS committed as defined by a GP234) will lapse at the end of the VT year (31 July.)

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