Denpro FAQs

Frequently asked questions to help you get to know DenPro.

Why is National Services Scotland (NSS) offering the scheme?

NSS was approached by the Chief Dental Officer (CDO) to test if there would be appetite for a scheme which would reduce the expenditure for those practices with the highest level of NHS commitment. A comparison between the pricing on the Acute Dental Sundries contract and a number of dental practices suggested that there was significant opportunity for a collaborative approach and scope to significantly reduce the cost of dental consumables to participating dental practices.

Who can be a member?

Denpro shall be open to a maximum of 400 Scottish practices 

High Street Dental Practices and Orthodontists included in a Health Board List whose income from provision of NHS General Dental Services is above eighty per cent (80%) of the annual gross income of the High Dental Practice as outlined by the practices

High Street Dental Practice that is a currently a participating NES Vocational Training Practice. Practices who gain eligibility specifically through participation in NES Vocational Training ongoing membership will be contingent in continuing in Vocational Training and will otherwise lapse at the end of the VT year (31st July). Those practices who continue to train within Vocational Trainings membership will continue and new or returning training practices will be offered membership with the same conditions and limitations as set out here.

In terms of which payments and allowances do and do not contribute to a dental practice or dental practitioners or orthodontic practices NHS annual gross income, as set out for the purpose of the GP 234 this is set out in the Statement of Dental Remuneration (SDR) (as amended from time to time).

Read the SDR and see the latest amendments on the Scottish Dental website

Read our DenPro membership conditions

What are the discounts?

Denpro prices are market leading for the core range. In addition, members will benefit from an additional 1.5% early settlement discount and after 6 months a 5% credit will be applied to members’ accounts as a reward for scheme loyalty. This 5% may be an ongoing bonus if the membership is compliant with the scheme but this will be detailed individually.

Who do I contact is my order is late / wrong?

In the unlikely event your order is late or wrong then you would contact Dental Directory Customer services on: or 0800 853552

How do I activate my account?

Contact Dental Directory Customer Services or your local Business Consultant

What do I do if I can’t log in?

Contact Dental Directory IT Helpdesk and/or e message at ecommhelp@dental- or call 01376 391188

Who will my information be shared with?

NSS and Dental Directory will not share any information on a practice by practice basis with any other party. NSS will be able to audit a maximum 5% sample in a month for Probity sake.

Will my information be shared with IDH?

No. As above, Dental Directory will NOT share any information with another party. This is legally protected under the Data Protection Act.

Who is responsible if the order if does not match the goods requested?

Contact Dental Directory Customer Services as soon as you are aware of an issue with Invoice number, product code and issue.

Can I have a repeating order?

Yes. Dental Directory can help you set up a favourite’s page on the Website. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself please contact Dental Directory IT Helpdesk or Business Consultant.

Can you provide help on suggesting alternative materials?

Yes. Where necessary, due to stock or price concerns Dental Directory can highlight possible alternative products.

Can I set a limit that can be spent on the account?

Yes. The account owner can set a limit that can be spent by named users. This can be adjusted when approval from the account owner has been received.

If it’s unavailable but in the catalogue what happens?

You will be informed the stock is unavailable.  Dental Directory offers a back order system.

How will recalls be managed?

By Dental Directory Head Office

Do I need 2 accounts?

No. You will require 1 Denpro account per qualifying Denpro customer per address.

How do I sign up?

You can complete the online form on our DenPro website

Does it change my existing deal?

Yes. When you sign up to Denpro you will automatically receive the Denpro membership benefits, prices and rebates and all other Dental Directory deals will cease.

What Manufacturers are involved?

We are happy for all manufacturers to be involved. It is simply a case of them getting their products on the core list and of course, if they are not on the core list you can still purchase their products from the catalogue at advantageous Denpro pricing.

Can I use another supplier?

We would encourage you to use our chosen and trusted supplier the Dental Directory for as much of your purchasing as possible but where there is no availability or a line is not carried then you still have the ability to purchase up to 20% of your regular consumable and sundries spend out with the programme.

Is there a fee?

No. Denpro is a free to join scheme for those who meet the membership criteria.

If I sign up now and change my mind, can I leave the membership?

Membership will be on a rolling twelve month period. If members have concerns about the scheme we would encourage them to discuss it with the Denpro team in the first instance. If these issues cannot be satisfactorily resolved, the scheme allows for members to give 30 days’ notice.  Written notice should be sent to

How do I pay and who?

You would pay Dental Directory as per the standard terms and conditions.

Do we still get access to special offers?Yes. Denpro pricing has already been reduced to ensure you the best basket pricing in the market however Dental Directory may from time to time introduce special offers for Denpro members.

What is the 5% credit paid on?

The 5% credit is for an initial 6 month period and will appear on your statement at the end  of that period. It will be paid on your FULL Dental Directory spend (excluding equipment) provided you have achieved the stated minimum purchase requirements. If at the end of the 6 month period, and after discussions with Denpro, enough members are using the scheme correctly then the 5% credit may be extended.

Is there equipment/small equipment on the list?

Not at the moment although these are areas we are looking at for future development of the membership. For now, please contact your Dental Directory Business Consultant to discuss any individual equipment requirements.

What is the core list?

The core list is the most commonly used items, approximately 4,000 lines, which have been significantly discounted for Denpro members. In addition, Denpro members benefit from a discount on all items on the Dental Directory catalogue. This will include the 5% credit rebate on the first six months purchases. The closer we work with members the more accurate we can make the core list maximising the saving of high volume purchases.

How often is the core list reviewed?

The core list will be reviewed as an ongoing process and is under constant active review.

How do new products get added and how often?

New products can be added as and when they are presented to the market and Manufacturers engage with us in the Denpro process.

How will the invoice look? Will I see core items listed separately?

The core list lines will be on the invoices nett of all discounts. At this point in time they will not be listed separately but we can look and see if this can be developed over time.

Will Denpro price match?

We believe the price points we have achieved are already market leading for the basket of products. If you have issue with a few individual lines please take this up with your Dental Directory Business Consultant.

Is there a Denpro helpline?

Please use the Dental Directory Customer Care line/e mail or contact your Business Consultant.

If I have 2 Practices and only 1 qualifies for Denpro will BOTH practices pay same price for materials?

No. Only the practice that qualifies as a Denpro member and has been accepted will be eligible to purchase at the Denpro prices.