Reports - Public Dental Service (PDS)

Your monthly dental payment schedule is made up of the following pre-defined reports. Please note your cannot view historical Capitation and Continuing Care Patient Information reports.

Additional payments and recoveries

This report details backdated payments for the increase of fees for Item of Service and Capitation and Continuing Care payments, as agreed by the Scottish Government. Also included are backdated payments for Point of Treatment checks, where evidence has not been produced.

Breakdown of Additional payments and recoveries (PDF 224KB)

Capitation and continuing care payments

This report provides information on Capitation payments, this is when patients aged under 18 years attend the dentist for the first time they are registered into the capitation system whereby a fee is paid per month for the care and treatment necessary to secure and maintain oral health. The basic fee varies according to the age band into which the patient falls (see Section X of the Statement of Dental Remuneration).

It also provides information on Continuing Care payments. This is where fees paid monthly to the dentist for the provision of continuing care to patients aged 18 years or over, falling into two age bands: patients under 65 years of age and those over 65 (see Section XI of the Statement of Dental Remuneration).

Breakdown of Capitation and continuing care payments (PDF 673KB)

Capitation and continuing care patient information

* You can only run this report for the current schedule month. Running historical reports is not possible, so it is advisable to save this report for future reference.

This report details all patients with a change of registration. This includes:

  • Automatic transfers, where a patient registration has changed from Capitation to Continuing Care
  • Reduced rate patients
  • When reduced payments are due to start
  • Patients transferred out-with or within the practice
  • Patients withdrawn from the dentists list.

If you wish to query any of the information provided, complete a dental 289 - schedule query form and submit it to us for investigation.

This report also details patient matching anomalies, where we have matched the patient on the claim to an existing patient in our system, but the details are slightly different. The information we have in our system is called the Master and the patient details on the claim form is the Linked details. To ensure no errors are made for registrations and Items of Service claimed, if any Master details are incorrect please complete a dental 287 patient detail amendment form and we will action any amendments.

Breakdown of Capitation and continuing care patient information (PDF 386KB)

Item of service payments

This report provides an accumulative calculation of all Items of Service paid to a specific list number for the period selected. This is broken down, showing individual totals for:

  • Patient charges
  • Department for Work and Pensions remissions
  • Award amount paid (any uplift in fees that have been due)
  • Referrals claimed and paid
  • Deprivation items of service paid.

A link is provided within this report to show a full detailed report for all Item of Service payments for the period selected.

Breakdown of Item of service payment (PDF 318KB)

Item of service detail

This report provides details of all claims that have been paid in full, with no adjustments. This is shown in alphabetical order by patient surname and details the following for each claim:

  • Sum authorised
  • Patient charge
  • Department for Work and Pensions remission
  • Percentage award
  • Award amount
  • Referrals claimed
  • Referrals authorised
  • Deprivation item of service amount.
Breakdown of Item of service detail (PDF 284KB)

Item of service adjustment

This report details all adjustments to claims for any given payment month, this information details all claims where amount claimed and amount authorised are different.

Items of Service (IOS) that have been paid are shown along with IOS that have been removed due to SDR rules reasons provided for non-payment of these items.

For amendments to these claims for IOS removed submit a dental 283 claim adjustment form stating the case id from this report.

Breakdown of Item of service adjustments (PDF 536KB)

Registration summary

This report details level of Capitation and Continuing Care patients registered to any specific list number for any specific date.

Information provided includes the number of patients that are currently being paid on reduced rates of payments due to not being seen within the last 3 years from registering to the practice.

Breakdown of Registration summary (PDF 223KB)

Registration detail

This report details all registered patients on any specific list number at any given date. Information provided includes patient name, date of birth, postcode*, registration start date and date patients are due to qualify for reduced payments.

* We do not capture full patient addresses, only postcode.

Breakdown of Registration detail (PDF 307KB)