Payment, claims and fees

Providing details of checking claims, making payments and reporting.

Adjustment claims

What to do before submitting a claim adjustment to correct overpayment, underpayment and non-payment.

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Commitment payments

The quarterly reward NHS General Dental Services (GDS) dentists receive based on the Commitment payment criteria.

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The role of superannuation in helping to provide a pension for retirement.

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Help with claiming any allowances due.

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This is the streamlined and improved payment processes which replaces Dental EDI.

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Fee guide

List of discretionary fee items.

Discretionary Fee Guide October 2017 (PDF 885KB)

Practitioner profiles

Practitioner profile guidance

Download general practitioner profile guidance (PDF 254KB) Download orthodontic practitioner profile guidance (PDF 132KB)

Advance Payments

This is the advance payment request form

Download advance payment request form (PDF 124KB)