If you lock yourself out of the web form at any point please contact the Customer Services team, with your username, on or by telephone on 0131 275 6300.

Practice management system suppliers will often provide their own guidance which reflects the visual representation of their individual systems. We have provided some useful information in the form of practice management system guidance which can be applied irrespective of the system used.

Download the practice management system guidance (PDF 646KB)


The web form is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, however, we have provided guidance which we recommend you read. You can download this below:

Download the guidance for submitting Prior Approvals via the web form (PDF 1.36MB)


We have also produced short narrated videos to assist you with completing the web form. Each video covers a different part of the web form and you can view them by clicking the links below:

Web form - Logging in and Homepage (1 min 37 sec) (external link) Web form - Patient Search (2 min 13 sec) (external link) Web form - Patient Details and Patient Acceptance (2 min 5 sec) (external link) Web form - Prior Approval Details (2 min 9 sec) (external link) Web form - Claim Details (1 min 8 sec) (external link) Web form - Treatment (4 min 29 sec) (external link) Web form - Observations, Submission and Additional Information (5 min 37 sec) (external link)


Irrespective of whether you use a practice management system or the web form, the error messages apply across both electronic submission routes. If you receive any technical errors, which advise you to telephone the helpdesk, please provide as much information as possible when you call.

Download the guide to eDental error messages (PDF 395KB)