Practice Management System suppliers

All existing practice management system suppliers have indicated whether they will engage in the project and are committed to development.

The latest position with suppliers for each phase of eDental is detailed below. 

Once a supplier has developed and tested their system, they must commence fit for purpose testing. At this stage, it is possible that changes may be identified and re-work required. They would then undertake fit for purpose testing again and, following success, payments business accreditation of their system would take place.

Accreditation is effectively a more complex set of business scenarios used to test practice management systems. 

Once a system has successfully completed accreditation, they will become accredited. There are 3 separate accreditations, one for each phase of eDental and each supplier must go through these individually.

If you change suppliers, please let us know by emailing us at or by telephoning 0131 275 6300.

Phase 1 payments phase

The following suppliers have all passed accreditation for the Payments phase and their rollout is complete:

Carestream Dental R4+, Computer Surgery, Dentally, Goodteith, Software of Excellence (EXACT), Software of Excellence (SOEL Health), Systems for Dentists and Wysdom.

Phase 2 prior approval phase

A number of PMS suppliers have completed all stages and are now live with electronic Prior Approval:

  • Carestream Dental R4+
  • Dentally
  • Software of Excellence (EXACT) – SOE Connect has been made available to all EXACT users
  • Systems for Dentists
  • Wysdom

Goodteith and Software of Excellence (SOEL Health specifically) have indicated to us and their customers that they will not be carrying out the development. Users will be required to use our dental web form for the purposes of electronic Prior Approval. If you do not already have access, complete the online form at now.

The PMS supplier, in the table below, is understood to be working on the changes for electronic prior approval. In the interim, if prior approval is required, you must use the dental web form. 
To gain access, complete the online form at now. 

Rollout of the prior approval changes for each supplier to their practices require each of the pre-requisite stages; fit for purpose and accreditation to have successfully completed. 

Computer Surgery update

*Normal expectation is that Ffp testing and accreditation take around 1 month each.

Any prior approval requests with a date of acceptance on or after 1 October 2018 must be submitted electronically; paper requests will be returned.

Any prior approval requests previously submitted on paper, with a date of acceptance prior to 1 October 2018, which needs to be resubmitted for any reason (for example, the request was returned because more information was requested or the case is a re-approval) can continue to be done on paper until 31 March 2019. Thereafter, all requests must be electronic, irrespective of the date of acceptance.


The current position on eSignatures for GP17PR forms is shown below. eSignatures is not mandatory for practices.

PMS supplier Development
Carestream Accredited
Computer Surgery No development as yet
Dentally No development as yet
Goodteith Accreditation in progress
Systems for Dentists Accredited
Software of Excellence (EXACT) Accredited
Software of Excellence (SOEL Health) No development as yet
Wysdom Accredited

Last updated 26 January 2018