Orthodontic system supplier details

Details on whether existing practice management system suppliers have indicated they will engage in the project and are committed to development.

Electronic submission of Orthodontic prior approvals and payments became mandatory on 1 January 2020.

If you undertake Orthodontic approval and/or payments, it remains your responsibility as a practice to ensure you have the appropriate system and tools in place to be able to submit electronically.

This page provides practices with an update on eOrthodontic progress for each of the Practice Management System (PMS) Suppliers.

eOrtho Status Summary

The status table below shows colour coding for each PMS supplier. The colour coding is defined as:

eOrtho legend

PMS suppliers who are now live on eOrtho

This section provides an update on the PMS suppliers who are now live on eOrtho and have practices submitting eOrtho payment claims and prior approvals:

Systems for Dentists update

Software of Excellence update

Dentally update

Carestream Dental update

Summarised position as at 18 May 2020

PMS Supplier testing will be undertaken in two parts: fit for purpose (Ffp) testing and accreditation. 

Normal expectation is that Ffp testing and accreditation take around 1 month each.

Regular updates are expected from each PMS supplier.

Current PMS supplier position

PMS suppliers who have provided timescales

This section provides an update on the PMS suppliers who have provided us with planned timescales:

Wysdom update

PMS suppliers who have yet to provide planned dates

This section provides an update on the PMS suppliers who have not as yet provided us with planned dates for each of the testing and delivery phases:

Assisortho update


The current position on eSignatures for GP17(O)PR forms is shown below. eSignatures is not mandatory for practices.

PMS supplier Development
Assisortho To be confirmed
Carestream To be confirmed
Computer Surgery To be confirmed
Dentally Development confirmed - awaiting timescales
Systems for Dentists Accredited
Software of Excellence (EXACT) Committed, date to be confirmed
Wysdom Committed to developing in new software version

Last updated 14 November 2019

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