Listed below are the latest official publications concerning the Statement of Dental Remuneration (SDR) and Dental Primary Care Administration (PCA).

Statement of Dental Remuneration (SDR)

Amendment 135

Pursuant to regulation 22(3) of the National Health Service (General Dental Services) (Scotland) Regulations 2010, as amended, Scottish Ministers have amended on 1 October 2017.

Download the statement of dental remuneration amendment 135 (PDF 1.37MB)

Primary Care Administration(PCA)

PCA(D)(2018) 4

Reimbursement of practice rental costs/Error in amendment 137 to the Statement of Dental Remuneration 

Download PCA(D)(2018) 4 (PDF 283KB)

PCA(D)(2018) 3

Revised Scottish Dental Access Initiative

Download PCA(2018) 3 (PDF 508KB)

PCA(D)(2018) 2

Oral Health Improvement Plan.

Download PCA(D)(2018)2 (PDF 66KB)

PCA(D)(2018) 1

Amendment No 137 to the SDR / Dental Working Patterns Survey

Download PCA(D)2018 1 (PDF 256KB)


E-Dental – Advice to Practices on IT Specification.

Download PCA(D)(2017)7 (PDF 120 KB)


Amendment No. 136 to the Statement of Dental Remuneration

Download PCA(2017)6 (PDF 199KB)


Practice premises rent revaluation exercise April 2018

Download PCA(D)(2017)5 (PDF 147KB)


Amendment No. 135 to the Statement of Dental Remuneration

Download PCA(D)(2017)4 (PDF 166KB)


Practice premises revaluation exercise

Download PCA(D)(2017)3 (PDF 134KB)

PCA(D)(2017) 2

The analysis of responses received in relation to the public consultation Scotland’s Oral Health Plan.

Download PCA(D)(2017) 2 (PDF 204KB)


PCA(D)(2017) 1

Including: Allowances, e-Dentistry timetable, discretionary fees.

Download PCA(D)(2017) 1 (PDF 130KB)


PCA(D)(2016) 13

The introduction of a further revised GP17(O).

Download PCA(D)(2016) 13 (PDF 82KB)


PCA(D)(2016) 12

Revised Scottish Dental Practice Initiative guide.

Download PCA(D)(2016) 12 (PDF 417KB)


PCA(D)(2016) 11

Including: Scottish Government consultation on the future of oral health.

Download PCA(D)(2016) 11 (PDF 161KB)


PCA(D)(2016) 10

Amendment No. 133 to the Statement Of Dental Remuneration.

Download PCA(D)(2016) 10 (PDF 145KB)


PCA(D)(2016) 9

Advising dentists and dental bodies corporate (DBCs) of the launch of Scotland’s Oral Health Plan – A Scottish Government Consultation Exercise on the Future of Oral Health.

Download PCA(D)(2016) 9 (PDF 174KB)


PCA(D)(2016) 8

Analysis of the accounts of Scottish dental practices.

Download PCA(D)(2016) 8 (PDF 76KB)


PCA(D)(2016) 7

Including: Fee increases.

Download PCA(D)(2016) 7 (PDF 178KB)


PCA(D)(2016) 6

Including: Board to make unannounced practice inspections.

Download PCA(D)(2016) 6 (PDF 143KB)


PCA(D)(2016) 5

Including: Process changes for dentists applying to join the dental list.

Download PCA(D)(2016) 5 (PDF 119KB)


PCA(D)(2016) 4

Strategic Vision for eDentistry: Support funding.

Download PCA(D)(2016) 4 (PDF 187KB)


PCA(D)(2016) 3

Including: e-signature, Adult registration exams, prior approval limit.

Download PCA(D)(2016) 3 (PDF 210KB)


PCA(D)(2016) 2

Including: Revised GP17 forms for universal credit

Download PCA(D)(2016) 2 (PDF 186KB)


PCA(D)(2015) 8

Universal Credit - changes to entitlement.

Download PCA(D)(2015) 8 (PDF 93KB)


PCA(D)(2015) 7

Strategic vision for eDentistry.

Download PCA(D)(2015) 7 (PDF 159KB)