Flu Vaccine Distribution

GP Practices should place a pre-order for their first delivery of vaccines for the 2017/18 season by Friday 11th August on the OM Movianto online ordering system – Marketplace.

Placing orders

The first order of the season is a ‘pre-order’. Practices should pre-order the quantity required for their first delivery of the season on OM Movianto’s online ordering platform. OM Marketplace can be accessed here: https://www.ommarketplace.co.uk.

Click here for a guide to placing your orders online.

When a practice places a pre-order, they will be given an estimated delivery date in July/August. This will be updated by OM Movianto Customer Services with an estimated delivery date in September. The first deliveries are planned for the week commencing 18 September 2017.

Practices can place subsequent orders during the season as required. The weekly delivery day for each practice is the same as last year i.e. if a practice’s 2016 delivery day was a Thursday then it will be a Thursday again this year. A copy of the OM Movianto delivery schedule is available here if you wish to check your delivery day.

In 2016, there were a handful of practices that required two deliveries in a week. If you need more than one delivery in a given week, you should place the first one online. For the second delivery, you must contact OM Movianto Customer Services Team on 01234 248 623. It is not possible to arrange more than one delivery in a given week via the online ordering system. If you place more than one order online in a given week, the orders will be bundled together and will arrive on the same delivery day (each order will indicate the same expected delivery date).

Practices should place the minimum number of orders needed to both manage available fridge capacity and reduce the risk of being left with unused vaccines at the end of the season. The Health Board is charged for each delivery that is made to the Practice.

The flu vaccines for GP practices are available in packs of 10 doses. Please ensure that when placing your order you enter the number of packs required and not the number of individual doses e.g. if you wish to order 300 doses you will need to enter a quantity of 30 packs.

Egg-free vaccine was discontinued by the manufacturer in 2016. The Sanofi brand trivalent vaccine is deemed suitable for vaccinating patients with egg allergies (apart from those who have previously experienced anaphylaxis), as per guidance published in Immunisation against Infectious Diseases (Green Book). The ovalbumin content is within acceptable limits: ≤0.05μg/0.5ml dose. This low-egg vaccine can be ordered by contacting OM Movianto directly on 01234 248 623. It is not available to order via Movianto’s online ordering platform, Marketplace; this is to ensure that stock of this vaccine continues to be available throughout the season.

User details

Your log-in details will be the same as those issued to you last year. If you need to reset your password please click on the “Forgot Password?” link on the Marketplace log-in screen and follow the instructions on screen.

If there are new members of staff who require access to Marketplace or you are having problems logging in to an account established last year, please contact OM Movianto Customer Services directly on 01234 248 623 or flu.Scotland@movianto.com

It is important to ensure your contact details are up to date as OM Movianto will use these to send you key messages and updates throughout the flu season.

Vaccine Availability

National Procurement is in regular contact with the vaccine manufacturers and have been advised that manufacturing is well underway with no current issues.

Your first delivery of flu vaccines is planned for the week commencing 18 September 2017. Your scheduled delivery day will fall on the same day of the week as the last flu season. A copy of the OM Movianto delivery schedule is available here if you wish to check your delivery day.


Board Contacts for Support

Board Contacts for Support
Health Board Contact Phone
NHS Ayrshire & Arran Allan Thomas 01292 513 831
Diane Macdonald 01563 826 066
Elvira Garcia 01292 885 858
Theresa Carswell 01292 885 853
NHS Borders Chris Faldon 01896 825 565
NHS Dumfries & Galloway Shirley Campbell 01387 246 246
Gillian Sturrock 01387 241 582
NHS Fife Margaret Vass 01383 565 345
William John 01383 565 432
Fiona Duff 01383 565 456
NHS Forth Valley Debbie Oakes 01324 566 726
Jayne Povey 01324 556 703
NHS Grampian Lorraine Anderson 01224 553 223
NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde PHPU 0141 201 4917
NHS Highland Fiona Boussaikouk 01463 706 119
Sharon McMann 01463 704 486
NHS Highland - Argyll & Bute Fiona Thomson 01631 789 105
NHS Lanarkshire Jennifer Thomson 01355 584 874
Gillian Wilson 01355 584 874
NHS Lothian Lizzie McGeechan 0131 537 8576
Mark Hunter 0131 465 7816
NHS Orkney Sylvia Robertson 01856 888 140
Ellen Grieve 01856 888 060
NHS Shetland Mary McFarlane 01595 743 370
NHS Tayside Moyra O'Shea 01382 632 706
NHS Western Isles Health Protection Nurses 01851 708 033


Where can I find more information?

Please view the Frequently Asked Questions document which has been designed to help address any concerns or queries you may have. As some deliveries of the vaccine will be made by sub-contractors, this document also contains a list of the distribution companies that will deliver the vaccines to practices.

Information on how to place an order on the online system can be found in the OM Movianto user guide.

To find out more about OM Movianto, specialists in healthcare logistics, please visit their website.

If you have a question please email nss.fluvaccineenquiries@nhs.net and we will get back to you as soon as possible.