Medical records

Location of records for patients registered with General Practitioner (GP) practices is held on the Community Health Index (CHI).

Records transfer

Facilitating the transfer of electronic and paper medical records from GP practices and the storage of patients not currently registered.

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Urgently required records

Speeding up urgent transfers between a GP practice and the previous practice (or Home country NHS).

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Courier arrangements

Moving paper records between GP practices and local Practitioner services offices using a mix of couriers.

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Delayed and missing records

Investigating delays if a record hasn’t been received by a GP practice.

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Access to medical records

Requesting access to medical records by patients via their GP practice.

This should be managed by the last registered practice if a patient isn’t registered.

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Sensitive patients

Supporting GP practices with a patient(s) going through adoption/fostering, who’re part of the Witness Protection Scheme (WPS) or are transgender.

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GP2GP is a process for transferring electronic patient records (EPR)  between practices when a patient moves practice. 

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Flu Vaccine Distribution 2017/18

GP Practices should place a pre-order for their first delivery of vaccines for the 2017/18 season by Friday 11th August on the OM Movianto online ordering system

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