Patient registration

Providing patient registration services to GP practices and NHS boards across Scotland. Ensuring patients are correctly registered and the Community Health Index (CHI) is up-to-date.

Registering patients

Highlighting the registration process. When a patient registers at a practice, details are matched to existing CHI records or a new one is created. The CHI number and other data, such as the NHS number help practices to identify patients.

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Removing patients

Covering patient removal. Patients may be removed from a practice in accordance with the regulations. Services are provided for practices to update the CHI.

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Changing patient demographics

Guidance on patient details such as name, address, date of birth and gender. These are kept current on the CHI from data provided by practices and other sources.

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Sensitive cases

Supporting the handling of sensitive cases such as adoptions and fostering, transgender and witness protection cases.

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System support and advice

If a GP clinical system malfunctions, assistance can be provided through the following channels.

For Hive assistance, please click on the link below and complete the Vision Support Request Form. You can also email the Hive helpdesk or on or call 0845 359 3547. 

Visit the Hive Helpline website (external link)


For EMIS assistance please contact the EMIS helpline on 0330 024 1271

Practitioner Services can provide advice and support for patient registrations on the following:

• duplicate patients
• dealing with medical records flags
• transaction management – unacknowledged acceptances, error files
• quality archiving

You can contact your local Practitioner Services offices using the details on the contact us page.