Scottish Infected Blood Support Scheme

Providing support to people who were historically infected with Hepatitis C and/or HIV following treatment with NHS blood, blood products or tissue.

From April 2017 the Scottish Infected Blood Support Scheme took over from the existing UK schemes (Eileen Trust, Macfarlane Trust, MFET Ltd, Skipton Fund and Caxton Foundation) in providing support for Scottish beneficiaries.

The new scheme has been introduced as a result of the Scottish Financial Review commissioned by the Scottish Government. For background information about the review or to download the full Review report visit the Scottish Government website using the link below. 

Visit the Scottish Government website (external link)

Who is eligible for support?

The Scottish scheme provides support to people who were infected, as well as members of their immediate family. Find out who is eligible for support and what support is available.

Find out more on who is eligible for support

Joining the scheme

Find out how you can join the scheme as a beneficiary by making an application for the first time.

Find out more about joining the scheme

Applying for support, for existing members

Find out more information about support and assistance grants available from the scheme, and application forms for existing members. 

More information and forms for existing members

Further support available

Links to a range of further support and services available for people who received inflected blood, and their families.

Find out more about further support available

Changes in circumstances

Information about changes in circumstances, and what to do in the event of a death.

Find out more about changes in circumstances

Tax and benefits 

Find out how payments are taken into account for tax and benefits. 

More information on payments, tax and benefits

Appealing a decision made by the scheme 

The scheme has put in place a clear process to allow any applicant to appeal a decision that they are unhappy with.

Find out more about appealing a decision made by the scheme

Advisory Group

Find out more about the scheme’s advisory group, which has been established to take account of beneficiaries’ views on the new scheme.

More information on the Advisory Group

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Find out the survey results from the latest customer satisfaction survey

More information on the customer satisfaction survey

SIBBS Newsletter

Find out what has been happening with the SIBBS scheme

Access the SIBBS Newsletters


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Scottish Infected Blood Support Scheme

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