Claiming and regulations

Providing guidance on regulations and codes.

Guidance on eye examination intervals

Supplementary Reason Code

If you are carrying out a supplementary eye examination, you must enter one of these reason codes on your claim. 

Read our quick guide to supplementary reason codes

Guidance on NHS optical vouchers

NHS optical voucher values and allowances available for repairs and replacements. 

These voucher values are available to download as a wall chart. 

Download our wall chart (PDF 427KB)

When do I use a GOS4 'repair or replacement' voucher?

Once a patient is sixteen years of age, or over, you must apply for prior approval before you can use a GOS4 voucher to make a claim for treatment. If you wish to submit a GOS4 claim for an adult on the basis of illness or disability or on the grounds of hardship, you will have to get approval from your NHS Board.

When completing any GOS4 claim, clearly indicate whether you are claiming for a repair or a replacement. Also make sure it is clear which part(s) of the spectacles you are claiming for.

Details of Primary Care Administration notices can be found on the Scottish Government’s website.

Visit the Scottish Government website (external link)

Payment Verification

Payment verification for ophthalmic practitioners in Scotland.

Find out more about ophthalmic payment verification