Practice Management System (PMS) suppliers

Showing the current position of PMS suppliers.

We sent technical specifications to all known practice management system (PMS) suppliers, and those multiple companies with in-house systems, to allow them to plan upgrades to their systems.

We appreciate that for a variety of reasons, including resourcing commitments, existing development timetables and technology/infrastructure refreshes, not all PMS systems are eOphthalmic-enabled from day one of the system going live.

We are running an accreditation scheme to indicate which PMS's are ready for electronic transmission of claims.

Systems we know will be carrying out the upgrade work and which have provided timescales are listed below. Any supplier not listed should be contacted directly.

The current position of the PMS suppliers, as at 03/07/2018, who have committed to developing their systems and indicated timescales is:

Solution Development status Fit for purpose & end to end testing Estimated go live date
Optinet PMS Integrated^ Completed Live Live for all form types  
Xeyex PMS Integrated^ GOS1 complete GOS3 & GOS4 started GOS3 & GOS4 due to complete Autumn 2018  GOS1 live  
Optix PMS Integrated^ Started November 2016 Approved for GOS1, GOS3 and GOS4 in test  GOS1 live  
Optisoft PMS to web form^^ GOS1 complete Approved for GOS1  GOS1 live  
Opticabase PMS to web form^^ GOS1 complete Approved for GOS1  GOS1 live  
i-Clarity PMS to web form ^^ GOS1 complete Approved for GOS1  GOS1 live  
Ocuco: See 2020 PMS to web form ^^ Started September 2016* Approved for GOS1  GOS1 live  
Ocuco: Acuitas 2.0 PMS to web form ^^ Started September 2016* Approved for GOS1  GOS1 pilot  
Ocuco: Focus PMS to web form^^ Started September 2016 Approved for GOS1 GOS1 pilot  



PCS Cheltenham, Icareweb and Orasis have not yet indicated timescales for development. 

*Dates given are indicative

^PMS integrated solution demonstrates a full integration to the eOphthalmic Web Service, including GOS1, GOS3, GOS4 and patient detail request operations. This option will provide the best user experience for practice staff, as there is no need to switch between the PMS and Ophthalmic Web Form to add additional GOS claim information.

^^PMS to web form 'query-string' solution-this solution can be considered to be a step towards achieving full accreditation. It will provide a facility to send data to the ophthalmic web form and minimise the requirement to add any additional data to the web form. This is restricted to GOS1 only.

Once practice management systems are in place, they can be used to submit claims electronically. In the meantime, the web form is available.

To move to electronic claiming, contact us by email (