Endorsing guide

(v1.10) Updated: 2 January 2016, see all updates Drug Tariff Specials Part 7S

All the prices in Part 7S are:

  • Inclusive of a handling/carriage charge. Only in exceptional cases can you claim any out of pocket expenses on Part 7S items and you must seek prior HB authorisation. Exclusive of VAT. VAT must not be claimed.
  • Zero Discount. No discount will be deducted from Part 7S items. These items will be treated as whole packs (Please refer to Appendix 4).
  • For liquid preparations/product names - there is one price, the Part 7S price for all of the different liquid preps of a compound (e.g. solution, suspension, liquid, syrup etc). If there is a Part 7S price of a liquid preparation of a drug, then you will be paid that price whatever the liquid formulation. The Part 7S product name is also inclusive of any variation of excipients, e.g. sugar-free, colour-free, lactose –free etc. All will be priced at the Part 7S price.
Electronic format Paper format
Not required Not required
The electronic message will contain the product details from the chosen dm+d code. The chosen dm+d code should provide all relevant details.