Endorsing guide

(v1.10) Updated: 2 January 2016, see all updates Drug Tariff Unlicensed Products Part 7U

From 1 December 2013, the Scottish Government introduced a new section to the Drug Tariff — Part 7U. The new section has been introduced to facilitate transparent reimbursement of the costs of these products. It will also remove any need to seek authorisation from the NHS Board before these products are supplied.

  • This new section lists pack sizes and prices for products without a formal marketing authorisation which are readily available from wholesalers.
  • These products are not included in the ACBS list, but are supplied from time to time on prescription.
  • Each line is expected to be held in stock by a large pharmaceutical wholesaler.
  • Payment of "out of pocket expenses" will not be allowed for these products.
  • No further endorsements will be accepted on Part 7U drug.
  • The products will be subject to generic claw back unless specifically listed as ZD.
  • If a product in Part 7U becomes licensed, it will be moved to Part 7.
  • Items in Part 7U will also still be subject to pay and report if they currently fall under this grouping.