Endorsing guide

(v1.10) Updated: 2 January 2016, see all updates Manufacturer / License and Batch Number

This functionality will be made available on your PMR system as each supplier delivers this enhancement. These endorsements should be used to provide the Manufacturers / Importers License number and the batch number information.

The new Part 7S tariff, introduced by the Scottish Government in February 2013 requires introduces two new requirements:

Where the medicine is not included in part 7S and the unlicensed medicine is manufactured under a specials licence or sourced under an importers license issued by the MHRA, the contractor shall endorse the

  • invoice price including any additional cost incurred less discount/rebates (the actual price paid for the product)
  • manufacturer's/importer's license number  (MIL)
  • batch number of the unlicensed medicine.  (BAN)

The invoice price will be endorsed by using the existing Special Price Endorsement functionality. (Please refer to Section for guidance)

Example :- illustrates the endorsement information required for manufacturer import license number 123456 and batch number 201 only.

NB All additional endorsement which may be required can be found in the relevant sections within this guide.

Electronic format Paper format
Required Required
When available on your PMR system - MIL and BAN endorsements should be applied.
NB - Guidance relating to application of endorsements can be found in your supplier User Guide / Manuals
The paper form should be endorsed with the relevant details, as in the example format above.
NB - Endorsing printers will automatically print dates on the paper form with slashes.