Endorsing guide

(v1.10) Updated: 2 January 2016, see all updates

2.2.12 'Out of Pocket' expenses

The CP can claim reasonable ‘Out of Pocket’ expenses, for certain items. The CP can not claim out of pocket expenses for any items in Parts 2 - 7 and 9 of the Scottish Drug Tariff.

The CP should provide information on the cost of the out of pocket expense, including the nature of the expense, and the value claimed. The claim should be the NHS net cost price for the ‘Out of Pocket’expense, excluding VAT. This includes providing documentary evidence (normally the invoice or a legible copy of it) with the prescription form.

In the electronic message the CP should select the out of pocket expenses endorsement, highlighting the reason (e.g. postage and packaging, handling charge or other reason) and then enter the cost. The PMR system will format the claim. The PMR system will only allow the CP to select a maximum of two reasons for an out of pocket expense.

On the paper form the CP must endorse the code XP (in uppercase), followed by cost in format ‘pppp’ and then the reason: ‘pp’ for [Post & Packing], ‘hc’ for a [Handling Charge] and ‘xp’ for any other reason. The reason should be annotated in lowercase.

If there is no claim on the prescription form no out of pocket expense payment will be made.

All ‘Out of Pocket’ expense claims should be the NHS net cost price excluding VAT.

Electronic format Paper format
Required Required
Out of Pocket endorsement should be applied with additional information relating to Postage and Packing and/or Handling Charge.
NB - Guidance relating to application of endorsements can be found in your supplier User Guide/Manuals.
The paper form should be endorsed with the relevant details as in the example format above.
Please ensure that the price endorsements are written as 'pppp'.