Endorsing guide

(v1.10) Updated: 2 January 2016, see all updates

4. Minor Ailment Service (MAS)

Since MAS prescriptions are generated by community pharmacists it follows that very little endorsement should be necessary. Please remember that all MAS prescriptions are priced using the rules in place for the pricing of GP10 prescriptions.

The main impact of that for you is on the pricing of prescribed products where a version of that product appears in Part 7 of the Drug Tariff.

If you are prescribing a generic product which is in the Drug Tariff:

  • You should endorse the pack size when more than one pack size is listed in the DT.
  • Please note that if the product is in Part 7 of the DT you will be paid at the DT price as per usual business rules.  Please also remember that many counter packs are either Black Listed or not on PSD’s file because they are not generally prescribed by GPs.
  • Any other endorsement will be ignored.

Remember to use your local formulary as a guide.  

Part 7B - Additional Items For Minor Ailment Scheme

The Part 7B list can be found on the Drug Tariff section of ISD Scotland website (external link). 

It is provided solely to facilitate payment of the listed items when supplied on form CP2 as part of the Minor Ailment Service, when written using the generic title. All other items supplied on form CP2 will be subject to the usual pricing rules.

These products will not be subject to the Broken Bulk provisions. Contractors are reminded of the legal provisions of supply under part 3 of the Medicines Act 1968, and of any qualifications on supply as listed in the 'Medicines, Ethics & Practice Guide' published annually by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

Contractors are reminded that unless a relevant Patient Group Direction is in force that the actual product supplied to a patient must be licensed as available for 'over the counter sale'.

Please note that inclusion of a product in this list does not confer a recommendation for supply. Equally, omission from this list does not indicate that a product should not be supplied, subject to restrictions as imposed within the terms of the Minor Ailment Service.

Prices are set against product prices for counter lines. For a list of the reference products contact us by email (NSS.evadis@nhs.net)